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Our Story

Officially founded as a real estate market research company in 2020, our purpose has always been to bridge relationships between landlords and corporations. We provide our corporate clients with luxury short term, midterm, and long term housing options.

Hallmarks Stays takes care of all tenants issue in order to provide a seamless leasing experience between landlords and corporations.

Areas Of

We are currently operating in:
Atlanta, GA
Cleveland, OH

We are always looking to expand in other areas; if you are a landlord/owner please contact us if you looking to solve your vacancy problem.


We manage all of our short-term, mid-term, and long-term rentals with the same love, attention, and customer service. Doing so has helped us achieve receive 5-Star Reviews throughout all of our listings.


Guaranteed Rental Income

When leasing your property to us, you will have guaranteed income for the duration of the lease. Our company can guarantee that we will provide monthly income to cover the rent each month.

No Costly Tenant Turnover

When the time comes to terminate our lease we can guarantee a deep cleaning and a full repainting of the property. We will ensure that the property is given back the same way we received it.

Less Wear and Tear

Your property will be cleaned by our professional cleaning staff at least three times a week. Our cleaning staff will also monitor the property on a weekly basis to ensure no damages are taking place.

Our Moving Policy

If at anytime the landlord change their mind with our leasing arrangements, we will allow the landlord to terminate our lease at any time and we will vacate the premises. We only ask for at least a 30 day notice.

Multiple Units?
No Problem

We sign multi year long leases for 5-10 units at once which saves you the cost/time of finding a different tenant for each unit and collecting payment from multiple different people. If you’re looking to sell your apartment/multi-family and have vacant units give us a call and we will fill them that way you can get a higher cap rate on your sale.


Deep Industry Knowledge

Trust is the number 1 thing we value in our relationships with the current landlords and owners, our entire business is built on YOU trusting US with your property. We ensure every guest is screened beforehand and take all pre-emptive measures regarding safety and security. Your property becomes our full responsibility and it’s in our best interest to maintain its upkeep.

Trust and Safety

Ring Video cameras are installed at the entrance of each unit monitoring 24/7.

Noise Detector devices installed inside each unit which sends an alert to our local on-site support staff if the noise exceeds a certain dB level.

Smart Locks installed on each door, a new code is generated for each guest and codes are deleted upon checkout.

In-House Cleaning Staff

Our entire cleaning staff is hired directly, we don’t outsource our cleaning to another company. This enables us to have the most quality control over our cleaning standards and maintain professional-level cleanliness after each stay. Our staff is trained to focus on the most minuscule of details because we know how important cleanliness is for 5 stars stay.


Area we are currently operating in

Atlanta | Cleveland

Looking to expand to
Nashville | Dallas | Philadelphia

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